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nin sa fa

Welcome to a practice blending culture and celebration.

Nina Chaudhry is a Pakistani multi medium artist, her work weaves together an appreciation for her culture alongside innovative fashions to display it. Born and raised in Pakistan ignited an exploration of South Asia's rich artistic traditions, Nina followed her passion where she earned a degree in Textile Design from Lahore's National college of Arts (NCA). 

Nina moved to Canada in 1998 where she phased into motherhood though her passion never truly left her. Involvement in the local art communities and art projects around her home kept her in touch with her work though in 2015, her practice began to fluorish. Moving to Dallas with her family pushed Nina to delve into her work and over the last 8 years, that's exactly what she's done though workshops, classes, and personal projects. 

Ninsafa is an amalgamation of Nina's journey where she pays tribute to the legacy she upholds as a Pakistani creative, it is a practice that has been in the works for decades and now has a place to call home. 

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